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Who is Mack Mama? and what is


Mack Mama, the inspirational author and owner of Starstatus Publishing, offers her expertise in overcoming hardships. She mentors the at risk youth who are dealing with situations in their life that are beyond control. Such situations causes deviant behavior in children and adults. Mack has been through it all, and now wants to give back and share how she over came doing thirteen years worth of prison time, to become a successful author, radio host and motivational speaker.

Mack Mama Mentoring
This is an online mentoring program where anyone who needs advice can simply reach out to Mack Mama and read her words of wisdom. She talks about:

• Dealing With Abuse
• Keeping Away From Trouble
• Avoiding Sexually Transmitted
• Addressing Low Self-Esteem
• Handling Peer Pressure
• Committing To Abstinence
We were founded by the inspiring author and motivational speaker, Mack Mama, who wants to give back to the community by sharing her testimony of change and redemption. Our goal is to inspire and motivate at risk youth in need of guidance via the internet. To sign up for membership you must be between the ages of 13-19 years old, and fill out the form on the CONTACT US page. Membership qualifies you to take part in workshops, motivational groups and fun activities with Mack Mama and her staff. As of now the Membership is limited to citizens of the United States. 



Special Offers, Self-Help Book from Derby, CT

Mack Mama
After serving thirteen years of prison time, Mack Mama finally got her life on the right track.She tells her story in the best selling autobiography "Tales of an Original Bad Girl." Her follow up novel, "Daisy Jones" maintains raw street literature with a strong message for young girls who use manipulation for monetary gain. Her latest self-help novel is titled "Lessons from an Original Bad Girl" the sister to Tales.. was wrote as a guide to dealing with life's obstacles and has a built in curriculum that is easy to use. Mack created this site, to give the youth that she speaks to a way to connect with her after the speech is over. Click on the link on the bottom of the MACK MAMA page that says Read more of Mack Mama's Thoughts. This will direct you to her blog where she writes about different situations and dishes sage advice, please leave comments, and contact her if you would like to have her come out to your event or school to speak.
Contact us in Derby, Connecticut, for more information on the motivational writer, Mack Mama.