Mack Mama Mentorship

StarStatus Publishing
P.O Box 237
Derby, Ct 06418-1923


If you are interested in joining the mentoring program sign up using the form below, It is just that simple. This is a developing non-profit organization and we are hoping to provide fun trips to amusement parks, arts and crafts, visits to museums and plenty of discussion groups, and workshops-such as anger management. Mack Mama wants to provide a safe, nurturing place to guide and mentor the members. This is a mobile program. The activities are planned and scheduled. One day out of a month the members that are a part of the program will be contacted via mail or email and invited to join an activity. The date and location will be provided at that time. So, if you haven't signed up lets get started. FUN, FUN, FUN and more FUN. Mack Mama loves you, and is dedicated to giving you an enlightning experience that you will grow with, love, respect and the tools to live life productively. Ages of participation are 13-19 years old.